PRESS RELEASE: Halsea Tooze Promoted to Senior Recruiter

PRESS RELEASE: Halsea Tooze Promoted to Senior Recruiter

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May 30, 2019



PORTLAND, Ore.- EmPower Nursing and Allied Solutions announced today the promotion of Halsea Tooze to Senior Recruiter. She will have the primary responsibility for leading the Nursing and Allied Health recruiting division as well as developing and nurturing new and existing client relationships. We’ve seen her grow so much in the short time of being here. Her drive, positivity and enthusiasm is contagious. Aside from her professional sales goals, she continuously finds ways to develop herself on the personal side of life as well. We are so lucky and proud to have her here with us at EmPower.

CEO, Dawn Whitney says; “In my 25+ years of staffing, I have rarely come across an employee quite like Halsea.  Most people come to a team with many areas to improve upon, kinks to work out to fit into a culture or hurdles to leap over right out of the gates.  But Halsea came to EmPower as a clean slate; ready to learn, grow personally and professionally and determined to succeed quickly, with nothing but an impeccable work ethic.  Within 6 weeks, she was promoted from our most junior role in the company and has been successfully placing nurses across the county for the past 10 months. This promotion is not only well deserved but usually takes a recruiter with 2-3 years of experience to reach a Senior Recruiter title, she has done it in less than a year. She is well respected amongst her peers, is an exceptional mentor and leader to her teammates and has the most “consistently” positive attitude of anyone I know.  I can’t wait to see how quickly it takes her to get to her next promotion. EmPower is blessed to have this gem in our company and we congratulate her with this much deserving promotion”.

Halsea came to EmPower Nursing and Allied Solutions with a strong background in sales which was a natural fit as a successful career in the recruiting field. Halsea values spending time with her family, close friends, and her dog, Benny. She enjoys cooking, being on the water, and is always up for a round of golf in the summer.

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