2019: The year you start travel nursing!

2019: The year you start travel nursing!

If you’re new to travel nursing, it can be a bit overwhelming. It sounds great but in the back of your mind you’re wondering “is it really worth it?”. The answer is YES! If you’re on the fence about making the leap, look no further. Here are a few reasons why you should start travel nursing in 2019!

Stable Career: Some nurses are worried about making the switch, afraid that they won’t be able to find any positions. But have no fear! There are continually new contracts all over the nation. Whether you’re looking for an ICU job in Southern California, or an ER position in snowy Colorado you’ll be able to find it! As a travel nurse, recruiters should be chasing after you. You are in high demand so what do you have to lose?

Allows you to explore: Ever wanted to live on the other side of the country? This is your opportunity! While some nurses like to travel long term, many use it as a way to explore the country and possibly find a new home. A majority of contracts are 13 weeks long, giving you plenty of time to explore a new city. Plus, if you don’t like the new town it’s only a 13-week commitment, and you’re on to the next adventure!

Money: Another added bonus of travel nursing is the pay! Travel nurses often fill high demand jobs meaning the pay is usually a bit higher than what you are used to. So, whether you want to save some extra money, or take that weekend getaway, travel nursing is there to help.

Avoid Burnout: these days it’s common knowledge that burnout can happen to nurses. And while travel nursing doesn’t prevent it from happening, it can certainly help. Every few months you’ll be in a new city, working on a new unit, in a new hospital. A change of scenery can help you avoid burnout and fall back in love with nursing.

It’s a new year so why not make this the year you start traveling with EmPower Nursing & Allied Solutions?