Off to New Beginnings

Off to New Beginnings

After two years as a Nurse Recruiter at EmPower Nursing & Allied Solutions, I am writing to say goodbye, and thank you.

Words cannot even begin to describe two-years of growth, ingenuity, hilarity, positivity, blended with some grief, and some chaos. This goodbye has provided me the chance to realize how truly blessed my life has been. I was able to work during my final years of nursing school, while feeling tremendous support and encouragement, and being met with flexibility and tenderness. I was able to work with my best friend for a year before she accepted another post-graduate position. I was able to meet some of the most kindhearted, bright, uplifting, thoughtful individuals that steered my professional growth, and continually inspired a thankful heart.

In working for a growing staffing company, I better understand the importance of flexibility, dependability, and communication. I have learned the power of resiliency, and how to work humbly. I so value the importance of working alongside colleagues holding a shared vision, bonded by passion, continually committing to collaborating and striving towards a common goal. These are attributes I will surely take with me as I transition into my new position as a Registered Nurse.

My sincerest thanks to all at EmPower. To my fierce leader, Dawn, thank you for continually leading with your heart, and for inspiring passion and positivity in each of your employees. I am so privileged to have worked alongside each and every one of you, ENAS & EHIT. Wishing you all the best, and more.

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”