Ask a Recruiter: My Assignment isn’t Working Out!

Ask a Recruiter: My Assignment isn’t Working Out!

Traveling takes a great amount of courage and patience for even the most seasoned of travelers. Even in the best assignments you can expect to be challenged; maybe your hospital isn’t as traveler-friendly as you had hoped or you aren’t meshing well with the management.

Many times these challenges are great learning lessons, but sometimes an assignment can turn sour even after your best efforts to make it worthwhile.

The greatest resource in this situation? Your recruiter!

Says Maddie Garrett, Nurse Recruiter at EmPower, “Your recruiter is there to be a resource, and point of contact for you. If something feels like a major issue to you, loop them in. Don’t feel like you’re bugging or being a burden. A great recruiter will make you feel heard, and act as a soundboard for next steps.”

Whether you need to talk out a difficult work scenario or get input on if it’s time to end your contract early, first talk to your recruiter. They have your best interests at heart and want to make sure you aren’t wasting valuable time being miserable.

Why would you end your contract early? Most common reasons consist of fearing your license is in jeopardy or fearing for your own safety.

Sometimes, the facility or staffing agency can “blacklist” a traveler – meaning the traveler can no longer work at said hospital or with the larger staffing agency at hand.

Other times you might be responsible for paying a cancellation fee, either directly to the hospital or through your agency.

It’s a case-by-case scenario that should be worked out with their recruiter; but above all, the safety of oneself and their nursing license should be top priority!

Remember: a great recruiter will always have your back and go to bat for you when the time comes.