EmPower Traveler’s City Guide: Flagstaff, Arizona

EmPower Traveler’s City Guide: Flagstaff, Arizona

Diana Lopez, one of our awesome OR nurses, told us about her favorite places to shop, eat and explore in Flagstaff, Arizona! What are some of your go-to places in Flagstaff?


First of all, everyone should know that housing here is pretty pricey. So, if you can get in touch with someone who’s been here before that might be able to book you up with some contacts that rent out rooms, it would be very beneficial.

Other than that, Flagstaff is amazing; a wonderful town settled at 7000ft elevation. We like walking around downtown because there are so many shops it seems like you find something new every time you go. We love the Crystal Magic Shop where you can find a wide variety of gemstones, incense, books and gifts.


There are lots of restaurants and venues to suit everyone; from Mexican to sushi, as well as pizza and pubs. I came here with my 16-year-old daughter and some of our favorite local places to eat include Karma Sushi Bar because the food is great. We also like Salsa Brava, which was on Guy Fieri’s Route 66 Flagstaff episode – showing off the Stuffed Sopapilla, which is amazing (he wasn’t kidding).

We love the franchises, as well, such as Olive Garden, Outback and Cracker Barrel, which provides a familiar atmosphere from home. Don’t forget this is a tourist area, so anywhere you go out to eat at may be a little more expensive than your hometown. However, the general stores are actually quite reasonable for your everyday needs.


There are so many places to visit here! So far, we’ve gone to the Grand Canyon, where they have buses that take you around to all the beautiful picture-taking sites. Also, Snow Bowl, which is open all year round and you can take a ski-lift to see all the beauty it has to offer, especially in the fall.

For Halloween, we went to the ghost town of Jerome, which is quaintly settled on the side of a mountain and stayed at The Hotel Monte Vista, a famous haunted hotel here in Flagstaff. There are Lava Tubes to visit and hiking trails galore ranging from amateur to experiences. The Meteor Crater isn’t too far from here and if you’re a stargazer, the Lowell Observatory is right up the road.

We are going out to Out of Africa this weekend where we’ll get to zip line over animals and play with a sloth named Bart. Another zoo we plan on hitting is Bearizona, where you get to drive through the park in your vehicle and watch the wildlife and bears. Can’t wait for that! ๐Ÿ™‚