EmPower Traveler’s City Guide: Yakima + Seattle Washington

EmPower Traveler’s City Guide: Yakima + Seattle Washington

My name is Jarred L. Smith and I first joined EmPower Nursing and Allied Solutions in January of 2016. Originally, I am from a small town in Louisiana, but I left my first ever travel assignment in Austin, Texas to head up to Yakima, Washington.

After about a 5 day journey with 2 other fellow travelers, we reached the state of Washington. Let me tell you, it was nothing I have ever experienced in my life. The beauty of everything, but of course, the SNOW! Have mercy, it was a scary time adjusting, but if I can make the adjustment, anyone can. If you don’t already know, Yakima is a city about 2.5 hours from Seattle. There are a few things to do in Yakima, such as movies, food, some hiking; it just depends on what your likes are. I myself have never really been that much of an outdoor/hiker; however, this all changed once I began exploring the wonderful state.

The very first adventure I went was a “road trip” from Yakima to Oregon, and then Oregon to Seattle. The drive was BEAUTIFUL and it never gets old. The first stop, Hood River, is not that big from what I have seen, but it is an amazing place to stop, grab a bite to eat, and just look around. On the journey, there are waterfalls that are breathtaking. Some are right off of the interstate, while others require you to put a little effort in a do a little hiking. Continuing on the journey, we reached Portland, Oregon. Portland is a great city and offers a lot of things to do. Another little road trip you can do is the Oregon Coast. It is also beautiful and the “road trip” you can take following it is breathtaking. One great spot is Cannon Beach. It has great views and from there, the views just get better.

Seattle is a great city to explore as well. Definitely a different vibe that Portland has, but it does contain some great places to visit. Such places include the Space Needle, The Gum Wall, Pikes Place, and the Sky View Observatory in the Columbia Center. Seattle also offers great places to eat, such as the Pink Door. If you’re into bars and the club scene, Capitol Hill is a great place to check out.

In terms of hiking and nature scenes, the Olympic National Forest is BREATHTAKING. I cannot express that enough. There are so many wonderful things to see and do there. If you do anything, you NEED to do this. Mount Rainier National Park also offers lots of hikes and great scenery. I personally suggest seeing them both. If you are into Mountain Climbing and can find others to go with you, Mount St. Helens is spectacular and if I can make it up there, anyone in the world can! Also, just around Helens, there is the Ape Caves. This cave is a wonderful site to experience and if you have never been in a cave, it is a good place to start.

Lastly, another great place to visit while in Washington is Canada. I’ve only visited Vancouver and Whistler, but those just give you a taste and make you want more. Vancouver is a beautiful city and one should for sure visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge and the Vancouver Lookout. Both offer amazing views and the beauty is unreal. Whistler is a gorgeous place to view and offers some beautiful places to see, such as Alexander Falls. It also has a few parks to visit; however, they were closed at the time I visited. I have been told it is an amazing place during the winter and ski season! Another site open year round is the Bungee Bridge! You can even bungee jump if you are a thrill seeker! All in all, they are both beautiful places and one should for sure visit.

Lastly, the PNW is an AMAZING place to visit and even live. The views are amazing, there is plenty to do, and plenty to see. If you are a travel nurse, I HIGHLY suggest you take an assignment or two in the PNW, but make sure to use EmPower Nursing & Allied Solutions as your travel company. They for sure exceed your expectations and make you feel like family. If you need any reassurance, check out their ratings on travelnursingcentral.com. You really cannot go wrong with the PNW or EmPower Nursing & Allied Solutions.