Ask EmPower: What Was Your First Job?

Ask EmPower: What Was Your First Job?

It’s always fun to hear about what each of us did before we came to EmPower. We asked employees from both our IT and Nursing sides of EmPower was their first job was!

“Mine was working at a gym as a club attendant aka cleaning the locker room.” -Emily

“I managed a Sharif’s Coffee at the Sunset Transit Center…” -Fatimah

“Mine was a sales associate at my mom’s interior design shop Atelier Design Group.” -Bella

“February 2004, exciting times! I was working at a non-profit for Oregon PeaceWorks, I was their web-guru, IT and admin support person.” -Christine

“My first real interesting job was at Oscar Mayer… packaged lunchables…yup!” -Kim

“I worked at Chipotle…I can roll a dang good burrito.” -Maddie

“Mine was working at a Frozen Yogurt shop but only lasted 4 months because I kept eating the yogurt after the store closed.” -Dawn

“Taco Del Mar making burritos.” -Vanessa

“Courtesy Clerk (‘Box Boy’) at Safeway Downtown Milwaukie LOL but family business doing office work before that!” -Tooze

“I was a ‘shake girl’ at the local burger joint near my hometown. Waited, clerked and cooked. Also, was a 1st grade after school teacher.” -Kayla

“Started out making boxes and frosting cakes at a German bakery after school when I was 13, under the table, obvi. I think that’s child labor.” -Theresa

“My first job was working at my aunt’s deli making sandwiches. Then I was a telemarketer for Irking Lawn Care.” -Jen

What was your first job?