From One Travel Nurse to Another: Advice for First Timers

From One Travel Nurse to Another: Advice for First Timers

Are you starting your travel nurse journey soon? Finding the best advice before traveling can be important before starting or even a refresher for when you begin a new position. We asked a couple travel nurses from all over the country for their best advice for travel nurse beginners.

“Make sure you have a savings account of at least 3 months worth of living expenses before starting to travel.”

“Stay flexible.”

“Make sure you have everything you have agreed on in writing in your contract. Don’t let recruiter tell you that it doesn’t need to be included such as travel reimbursement, etc. because that’s standard. Read every word on every page of the contract and make sure it includes start and end dates, shift, hourly rate, OT/ holiday rate, on call rate, call back rate, M&I, travel and housing plus anything such as hospital parking fees and any approved time off.”

“Once you pack, unpack half of it! Learn to be a minimalist!”

“Learn the per diem game by looking at rates by zip code and realize that a substandard per diem because of the ‘billing rate’ isn’t your problem.”

“Find an excellent recruiter that is honest and will take care of you.”

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