Making the Most of Your Time In a New City

Making the Most of Your Time In a New City

Getting a new assignment in an unfamiliar town can be exciting, but somewhat nerve-racking at the same time. While traveling from place to place, it can be difficult to make the most of the short amount of time you have in each place outside of time spent at work. Here are five resources to take advantage of whenever you find yourself traveling to a new place: 

Check in at the visitors’ center. The visitor center can be a good resource to find out upcoming events, as well as tourist attractions in the town or nearby. Monthly city calendars serve as a great resource for large community events. 

Go to bars and restaurants. Sitting at the bar of a restaurant can be one of the best ways to find interesting people to talk to. Bartenders can always be helpful in suggesting new places and activities for you to explore while in town. Plus, they can be full of good stories.  

Find someone to do things withA good resource is, which gives you the ability to input what activities you are looking to do and connects you to a handful of groups of people whom are interested in doing those same things. From pasta making classes to hiking, has many groups to explore. It will show upcoming events and how many people within the group plan on joining along, making it easy to plan ahead. 

Ask your co-workers and patients for suggestions. Use those around you as a guide for the area you’ll be staying in. This is also a great way to find people to do things with – ask your coworkers to tag along as you explore. 

Don’t be afraid to get out and do things alone. You can have the best time, even by yourself, if you learn to let go and explore. Independence is key, therefore be comfortable going out and enjoying yourself and if someone wants to join along, the more the merrier.

Let us know how you spend your time in new places and your favorite resources in cities you’ve been to!