How to Survive a Long Road Trip

How to Survive a Long Road Trip

One of the perks of travel nursing is that you get to get out and see the country. One of the maybe-not-so-exciting perks is the transportation. Many nurses choose to load up their cars and hit the highway, but driving 10+ hours can get old real fast. Here are some tips for making your trip go as smoothly as possible.

Chocolate covered coffee beans: for those who don’t want to stop for frequent bathroom breaks but NEED their caffeine, many nurses suggest socking up on some chocolate covered coffee beans. They double not only as a caffeine supplement, but also as a yummy snack.

A good book: When music gets old, switch over to an audio version of that book you’ve been dying to read. Many nurses report using Audible (you get your first book free too!). Others suggest podcasts – there’s even some specifically for travel nurses!

Stop and look around: Taking a break every 3-5 hours is highly recommended. It’s good to stretch the legs, grab a meal or walk your pet if you brought one with you.

Chat with your people: Have someone you’ve been meaning to catch up with for ages? Now is a great time to see about making some long *hands free* phone calls with old friends or even your mom. We’re sure she’d love to hear from you on the road.

Get snacking: Take this road trip as an opportunity to buy some of your favorite snacks that you may not usually eat every day. With that in mind, grab some that are healthy and high in protein to keep you alert and fueled for the drive. We’ve heard coconut water and gatorade are traveler favorites for keeping you hydrated on the road when water is getting boring.

Drive during daylight hours: Keep yourself safe and only drive when it’s light out. Several of our nurses say they prefer to leave early in the morning so they can get a good leg of the trip in before sunset. If you are breaking your trip into several days and have some extra time, they recommend taking a detour if possible to a local landmark or visit a noted restaurant if possible.

Travel with your valuables near you: When traveling for several days, it’s important to keep your valuables near/with you at all times, especially when staying at a hotel. If your car is jam packed full of stuff, only take out the necessary items: cash, computer, clothes for the hotel, anything that might be too expensive or impossible to replace. Nurses report keeping all of these items in a suitcase in your front seat is the easiest way to keep them organized and within reach. Plus, you won’t forget to take your suitcase into the hotel!

Let your loved ones know where you are: Especially if you are traveling alone, keep your family and friends updated on where you are going, what route you are taking, and your planned trip length. Frequent check ins provide peace of mind for you and those closest with you.


Traveling hundreds of miles by yourself can be scary but these traveler tips are tried and true. Let us know what you like best!